8 comments on “Brembo 11mm Master Cylinder Rebuild

  1. Hi,thank you for the info on the Brembo 11mm master cylinder rebuild.
    I removed the white nylon spacer using hot air gun.

  2. I took mine apart. 🙂 The white part is still inside. Do you think I can use a sharp knife to cut it in half and remove it in two pieces?

  3. H I have stripped my 2004 model Aprilia master cylinder. Herein South Africa there are no agents anymore . Goin to source a new rubber piston but can I leave the white bush in place

  4. My Brembo 4888 is on the rear brake of a 2003 M800 Ducati with a remote reservoir.
    My fault is pads not retracting when the brake pedal is released, so I assume the bypass bleedhole is blocked.
    My question is can the plastic plug and elbow (that the remote reservoir tube is clamped onto) be removed from the aluminium MC body to access the bypass bleedhole? If so, what’s he best way to do it? (There doesn’t seem to be any circlip so maybe the elbow just pushes in, but I don’t want to break it, if it fits some other way.) – jv

  5. It just pushes in. You can very gently grip it and twist it out. The oring might have failed and clogged it.
    But it is more likely that the corrosion is causing the piston to bind.

  6. WoW GREAT TIPS! Thanks for the detailed step-by-step. I’m tired of not having a rear brake for the multi…..

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