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Quit boiling your broccoli. Quit microwave steaming it. Try braising it. 


Cut up a head of broccoli (or two). Rinse it well. Put a frying pan on the stove and heat it. Add one tablespoon of butter and melt it. Toss in the broccoli florets. Add about an ounce of water. Turn the heat to high and put a lid on it. Best is a lid that fits down in the pan and sits on the broccoli. One of those silicone thingies is great.

Cook for a few minutes, until the color changes, then remove the lid. Continue cooking until the water is gone. At this point, your broccoli is ready to eat, unless you want to give it a little fry and brown it. 

This is actually really similar to steaming, but with higher heat and butter. 

If you are really adventurous, don’t add any water. The broccoli will cook just fine and the florets will brown in the most amazing way.